Hey, I’m Gaz.

I’m the Head of Design at dxw, where we help central and local government and public sector organisations to deliver better public services.

I’m enthusiastic about people, collaboration, human-centred design, rapid prototyping, simplicity and learning.

With my 20 years’ experience, I’m well-placed to support our design team. My challenge is to inspire, nurture and set standards so our designers can do great work and grow, whilst I also continue to make an individual contribution in our delivery teams.

Before dxw digital I was a product designer helping build better public services at FutureGov. I worked on fully-fledged production applications, prototypes to demonstrate and validate ideas, and internal apps and hacks to improve our processes.

In the years prior to FutureGov, I spent over a decade in agencies, freelancing, and working with startups.

Before I became a designer, I had been an entomologist, a barperson, a record shop manager, a deck chair attendant, and a recording studio tape operator.

I’m interested in lots of things, so I’m never bored. I love science and the natural world. I like to cook. I play golf and occasionally I go snowboarding.

Want to connect? I’m on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. CV available upon request.